Friday, January 14, 2011

New ART OF TRADING Member Books $2500 On His First Week!!!

Hey Stewie - I am very impressed - this was my first week really trading your alerts and while my day job keeps me from being as fast to the trade as I would like - I still cleared $2,500 for the week using $10k lots on each trade.. that's really good considering how much was in play at any given moment..

Luckily, I could not get to the BORN sell alert and held a bit longer -- and that helped me out quite a bit! Got 7.5% on BORN.. I even sold AXTI at the end of the day for a nice 2.4% gain (I will be on planes all day Tuesday and did not want to hold)..

Man, I am sad that I will be traveling all of next week - this could get addicting..
Thanks for the week!

This member started this week and is still on free trial!! Just paid for 4 years worth of ART OF TRADING Membership in one week!!

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