Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review By A Brand New ART OF TRADING Member!!

Excellent Trader to Follow

"I started following Stewie this year and it is probably the best move I have made in educating myself to become a better trader. Prior to joining, I used to just go for home runs, which made me great profits but also made me lose alot because I did not have good fundamentals. I was skeptical of joining his site because his percentage per winner were a lot less than I was used to. In the trial though, I noticed he was winning on almost every trade and generating substantial profit by only getting into the best trade setups. There might be some days where he might not even do a trade, but its a lot better than forcing something and losing money. He is also extremely helpful and replies back to you before you almost before you even hit the send button on your question and routinely puts out useful eductational summaries or videos."

Review by: KeanuSRN

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