Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brand New ART OF TRADING Member Success Story!!


I have been trading under your guidance for exactly 2 weeks and 4 days and this has been my best move in terms of help with regards to trading in the stock market. Today alone I am up BIG TIME thanks to you and your great chatroom that is filled with talented and experienced traders who are willing to help me with any question I ask.

My trades today are:
  • EXEL - bought 8.09 sold at 8.60 (thanks to a talented trader(nyctrader) in the chatroom :)
  • IO - bought 8.65 sold at 9.20 (swing trade)
  • TTMI - bought 16.31 still holding (swing trade)
  • UEC - bought 5.78 sold at 5.65 (bad personal trade on my part :(
  • AEN - 1.60 still holding
  • TUES - bought 4.86 still holding (swing trade)
The above marks my most successful day trading stocks and this was mostly before lunch time :) plus had huge winners. Learning alot from you and I am getting used to winning and its all thanks to you. Looking forward to even better days.

Thanks a million


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