Friday, July 27, 2012

ART OF TRADING Members Feedback!


CHK   aug 20 puts 1.56  = profit +$1,404

LULU  Aug 55 calls @3.94  sold 6 @5.00  last 3 stopped out @5.30  profit +$1,000

DECK  Aug 45 @4.64  sold 6 @ 5.65 stopped out 3 @6.15  profit +$1,000 +/- commissions

I'm 53 years old and excited about trading again Stew!!!

(ART OF TRADING member still on FREE TRIAL. booked over $3,400 in profits in his first WEEK!!)  

Hey stewie...
...its been about 2 months since I joined your group. And I must say that its been a rewarding experience. Not just from a monetary standpoint, but more importantly, I can see myself look at the market differently- like I'm seeing things more clearly. I appreciate your leadership and guidance throughout the market day and look forward to participating and contributing to the extent that I can.

Take care. 
(ART OF TRADING Member for over 2 months)

Hey Stewie,
I spent the better part of this week-end (so far) going through many of your videos.
I'm not a newbie to trading, and not to swell your head up to cartoon-like proportions, but your trading videos are loaded with fantastic content! So many well articulated examples of relevant trading processes and rules, using current market conditions all of which was laid out in a very succinct manner. Even the stuff I already knew was a great refresher or reminder for me. Hopefully others are taking the time to go through some of these posts, too. Especially in these current market conditions.

Anyway, there's some really great stuff in the site that you should really specifically direct new members to when they join. Once you get going, it doesn't take that much time to go through them, and if you take your trading seriously, it's time very well invested. 

(ART OF TRADING member for 2 months)


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