Monday, July 16, 2012

Stock Idea To Watch This Week : USG

Hey folks,

Playing USG as my first alert this week: entry at $20.17. Liking how it is setting up as it is starting to set up in a similar pattern as REXX last week. I included the REXX chart to show u the similarities. Will it play out like REXX?? NO guarantees in trading of course. But the setup looks quite bullish to me. It will require some patience for sure. Keep in mind, USG has over 25% short interest, that's a huge amount so it makes it a short squeeze candidate. Earnings are next week(july 25th) so i will NOT hold it into next week. 

I like it as a long anywhere near 20.00 to 20.25 area : stop loss at $19.45 : targeting 21.00

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