Friday, July 13, 2012

How To Spot and Trade Bottoming Patterns

This video discusses a trade we made at the Art Of Trading. A detailed "step-by-step" video on how i typically like to spot bottoming patterns in momentum stocks with very high short interest. 

ART OF TRADING Member Feedback 

Hi Stewie -

I've been using the STEWIE BOT for a little while now (about a month) and have been very happy with it thus far. I am heading out of town tomorrow to go on a cruise to Alaska with the family so you will not see me around the chat room for the next week or so. 

Thanks again for the great service Stew! - it is the best hands down IMHO and I look forward to being a member for a long time to come.

Bon voyage!

 Chad L. 

The education given by you and other talented traders that you have passed on, is truly top notch.
When ever I had a question or member needed help, you were always there.  World class, in my opinion.
Mike S. 
Just punched out of XHB at 21.20 Thought I'd book it, and not get greedy today.

Didn't follow your call on IBM, but only because I didn't really see it; even still, nicely spotted and called!

Two nice calls today, very well done! 

Brian C. 

Wow!!! How nice to come home from long day at track to gains in my Stewiebot account! Great job, thank you Stewie!!!!!



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