Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day Trades Taken Today


joe donohue said...

good job today,my first real day on the chat but i want to thank you for pcln-made a quick 1500-also to toot my own horn i looked at aapl and she looked back at me about a point off the day low-took her for 4 pts--what can i say but a wonderful day trading-see you tomorrow

Stewie said...

yea. crazy fun day. I am happy for you man. Great first day! congrats! i over traded a bit today and hence didn't trade as well as i wished and did not have the day i should have had as a result. i could have had a 20-25K day at least if i just ride my trades a little longer. work in progress. just like anything, gotta always keep working on your weaknesses and strengthening your core.

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