Tuesday, January 8, 2008

SRS Day Trade


upsidetrader said...

thanks for the link and you 'own" SRS man


ainkurn said...

nice trade in SRS. It was a perfect Holy Grail. Do you always buy after the stock starts to move, or do you sometimes buy while it is still in the sideways mode? I always have trouble buying at higher prices, but that is something that I am working on.

madhatter said...

nice blog stewie, saw the link from wallstreak. just a random question regarding how can i get it to show all the candles intraday like on this chart above, did you subscribe for some of their premium services? every time i pull up one of the free charts on a 1 day time period, all i get is one giant blob of a candlestick haha. thanks for any help!

Stewie said...

madhatter: gotta subscribe. I pay about 30 bucks a month.

Ainkurn: it just depends on the mrkt. if the mrkt in major momo, then i will chase a stock higher. but i really prefere to buy into a consolidation.

Upsidetrader:thnx man. SRS, for some reason is easy for me to read. Hope i keep it going.

Good luck fellas!

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