Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not What You Want to See in a So Called Bottom


Advancing Issues1,406 (41%) 414 (28%) 1,000 (32%) 423 (22%)
Declining Issues1,955 (57%) 970 (66%) 2,061 (65%) 1,108 (57%)
Unchanged Issues70 (2%) 78 (5%) 96 (3%) 423 (22%)

Much more downside coming....


upsidetrader said...


it doesn't matter what the market does because you just make a fortune trading SKF anyway man. lol


Stewie said...

SRS and SKF have generated over 40K in profits for me since December 2007. i kinda have love a love affair with those two but i really should have been more active in aapl and bidu as my analysis on those has been pretty good lately. i just hope this volatility lasts for a long time.

u said...

volatility is here to stay pal-great for all of us


Fatespilot said...

Can you share what kind of strategy you use on SKF? I've tried to trade it a couple times, but it's so choppy I get stopped out early. I went for the MOS/MON short instead.

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