Sunday, January 20, 2008

Latest COT numbers show Smart Money Net Buyers Last Week

The COT Report:
The latest Commitments of Traders report from the CFTC shows that Commercial Hedgers bought 5,280 S&P 500 futures contracts last week to bring their net long position to 353 contracts. Large traders were net short -7,782 contracts, with Small Traders net long the remaining 7,429, the so-called "weak hands". For the Nasdaq 100 futures, Commercials bought 2,223 contracts last week to bring their net long position to 4,297 contracts. Small Traders were net long 2,563 contracts in the Nasdaq. Commercial action in Dow futures saw the smart money buy 318 contracts to bring their net long position to 4,560 contracts.
Commercial Hedgers were better buyers in the S&P's last week, while Small Traders were better seller, a short term bullish sign. Commercials are now net long in the all three index futures, and that has been an intermediate term bullish sign historically.


BullPreacher said...

Help me understand. Do I read correctly that based on the COT the "Smart Money" or Institutional Investors were buyers last week?

Is that correct?

Stewie said...

correct. perfect timing huh! i am long 500 SKF.

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