Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hol Grail Trade Du Jour

I started the day out on a shitty note by covering an overnight short position in MOS for a $1,200 loss. So i just stepped away and took it easy for a few hours and recomposed my mind. I took 3 small gainer trades in AAPL, MON and SKF. Then FXP setup in the most perfect HG setup. And i took it quickly. It started making money within 30 seconds(good trades work right away) and then i added more shrs and made it a complete 1000 share lot. I ended the day up $ 1,800.


Mikep said...

$18k? Holy f*!

Stewie said...

hahaha! i wish 18K. typo. $1,800. i fixed it. thanks mike.

ainkurn said...

$1.8k? Holy f*!

Nice trade. Thanks for the comments on my site. Your insight and support is very much appreciated.

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