Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You Want Setups?! You Got Setups! Enjoy!


madhatter said...

thanks for the post, stewie. just wanted to ask you more specifics on how MA is lining up. buy as close to 200, sell close to 220 right? seems like its laid out too easy, like i'm missing something. just wanted to make sure i'm not going crazy

Stewie said...

hey madhatter,
I would MA here as a swing. buying in this area and you would be buying in the right shoulder of a nice H&S pattern. see if/when it approaches the necklines or wait till if starts to break out from there and throw a party if it does. Buying here would be the least obvious thing and hence the smartest thing. MA already announced earnings and the stock jumped on the news which makes it my TOP financial stock in the market right now. I also believe that the XLF is about to turn higher which should see MA hitting new highs soon bro!

fortune8 said...

Does that look like a breakout on AGU or is it hitting resistance?

upside said...

Hey Stewie

Go to my blog later and shoot me your e-mail

Anonymous said...

post your trades dumb ass.

Stewie said...

hahahaha! who wants to know? No name?

Blue said...


Take a look at GME. They just announce higher forward guidance. In this market that seems like a god send.

I got in under $46 yesterday and I'm going to try my best to hold it up to $50.

If you think it's interesting comment back.

I bought some of MA yesterday too. Looks less volatile than what I've been trading (FSLR and BIDU).


Stewie said...

hey blue.
GME and MA look nice but you need to make the markets holds up for ya.

Blue said...

Hope so, holding through the long weekend. I think MA went on a tear coming into the close. Maybe there's an idea of people spending during this Presidents Day weekend?

I'm holding both until I see a sharp reversal. At least it's nice to be in the money with a little breathing room.

Thanks again Stewie. I think you're the smartest trading blogger I've come across.'re helping me make money which no one else has.

Lets all retire early.

Stewie said...

Blue. you made the good trades and you deserve the credit but i appreciate the kind words. have a great weekend!

Blue said...

You turned me on to MA and to shorting BIDU at 300 which I didn't have the courage to do last month, but I'm no longer scared to short that much $$$ for a stock.

There's still money to be made in BIDU once this tug-o-war shakes out. I think FSLR and BIDU could be related right now trade wise. I would sure like to get it right.

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