Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Lot of People Have Asked Me About My Dog. Meet BuBu, aka The Pimp Pitbull!

He looks cute and innocent but he is a bastard who eats all my shoes, pees everywhere and sometime shits on your leather jackets if he doesn't like you. He has coconut sized balls(needs to be fixed soon). hahaha! I love him tho!


pik said...


Nice dogs.

Here is a interview you may like with eric bolling.

Stewie said...

hi Pik. Actually the two pictures are one dog. my boy BuBu. i love eric bolling, thnx!

Dinosaur Trader said...


I had a friend who had a pit bull dalmation mix. The dog was muscular and pretty intimidating looking, however, it was the sweetest dog.

Pit bulls get a bad rep, but if they're raised correctly, they're great.


Stewie said...

pitbulls are the best. very loyal and protective in nature. Very powerful to say the least. some people take advantage of these qualities and make a bad example of this amazing dog. Bu Bu is so strong that he takes me for walks. it's funny to watch and he weighs only 40 lbs or so, gonna get even bigger.

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