Monday, February 25, 2008

Smile LDK Lovers: Bullish Times Could Be Around the Corner


Blue said...

I had LDK last year from the run between 42 and 70. I held through it hitting 29 at one point for a major loss. Then..I didn't sell at 70 for what is now a very dumb reason (taxes).

I don't think the stock will break out from under $40 until mid year when their new beta-production plant goes on-line. Piper Jafrey has them pegged at $34.50 and that's where the stock has stayed. Good in-line earnings yesterday and the stock dipped into the $29's (rock bottom) today.

Watch GSI in March. They are going to report earnings and get listed on the NYSE I believe. Hopefully volume picks up and I can get out of that one short term (bag holder here). When they listed on the AMEX last year it popped from 9-18 in a day. They have two more Joint Venture deals to ink in order to stay on plan for being the largest private steel company in China.

Amit said...

What stops would you have for LDK long at this point..


Blue said...

I have a limit order in on my IRA for 500 shares at $25

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