Thursday, February 7, 2008

Holy Grails Setups Taken Today and Examples


Blue said...


I reviewed your HG post from last month and acted on it today. I made the same Apple trade @121, but the time I clicked buy it was at the top of that candle at 122.90. I let it run on the retest of the 20SMA and saw the negative divergence and got out. Market lost it's steam, but the set up was there and it was perfect.

I made the same trade on BIDU and had to get out. I didn't make money this time, but the Holy Grails were there, I saw them, I acted on them, and learned a lot from it.

Thanks. Love the site, I check it every day along with Missed Trader's site.

p.s. I shorted BIDU at 135 and liked it so much I did it again at 130. Wish me luck.

Stewie said...

hi blue. Did you take it over night? i am expecting the markets to start moving higher soon. keep a tight leash.

upsidetrader said...

your a rock star and deservedly so! i caught drys for buck but gave it back in CY because i took my eye off the ball.I shot you a comment yesterday and but don't think it went.My question is -do you screen or use software for these set ups or are you just a chart watcher like me.I talk to sell side guys all day that have "the edge" but you are kicking there ass.Keep it going dude.

Stewie said...

hi upside. thanks bro. you are a very classy guy. i am very happy you joined wallstreak. i actually do not screen. i just eye ball the same 20-30 stocks day in and day out. i am an old school trader. I don't use esignal, tradestation or anything like that. i just use my market reading skills and pattern recognition skills to trade the same 20-30 stocks. hope this helps ya old buddy.

upsidetrader said...

thanks stew-although i must admit i find myself reading your post in stewies voice-im a huge fan-true genius that McFarlane

Stewie said...

@upside. Stewie is my boy! i have seen every episode tho my voice/accent in real life sounds nothing like his. hahaha!

Blue said...

Yep held a FSLR short and BIDU short into 1.5hrs of trading this morning from yesterday.

I can't tell which way this markets going today. DJIA keeps going positive/negative and the NASDAQ is leading the market which is kinda weird.

I got out. I'll be able to make it back next week after Asia opens up and BIDU and FSLR report. Then we'll have a clearer direction if these stocks still hold value.

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