Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bottom Likey In:Buying Weakness

Rules To New Game:

1. NO Over nite holds. NONE!
2. Day trading only. Close all positions by day's end.
3. No Swing trading either.

let's make some money....


OE Trader said...

I'm with you on these rules for this week or at least until the street has a better feel for the longevity of the bailout.

Blue said...

Did you steal my rules? ; )

We need to see if there is any sector rotation happening this week or if it's just more of the same with a small move up. i.e. short oil, short financials, short commodities, etc.

Same shit diff. day or has something really changed here?

psy said...

take a look at the move in SIL
i like the gold/silver trade here

Stewie said...

looks great PSY

Stewie said...

blue: when you gonna be in portland? email me:

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