Monday, September 15, 2008

ICE Short setup


OE Trader said...

I stopped in on Wallstreak earlier. Saw your post on AIG. Glad to see you back to your winning ways!

Stewie said...

thnx oe. this is my kinda market.

fjords said...

Great call on ICE!

Were you afraid that there could have been a bounce on the support line since it also looked like a triple bottom with Divergence in MACD and RSI? Was it a close below support that confirmed the break down for you?


Blue said...

Stewie, did you take this ICE short lastnight/today?

Stewie said...

guys. ICE was a nice setup but i took ANR short instead ONH. booked $4/5 on 700 shrs. covered on the morning gap. ICE gapped down $7 at the open.

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