Monday, September 8, 2008

IS It Just Me, Or Does It Feel Very Creepy Out There?


Nick said...

Down right Michael Jackson creepy.

Stewie said...

hahahaha! now, that's creepy!

Anonymous said...

you mean creepy or crappy?

Dinosaur Trader said...

The market feels doomed and it's up 190 points... that's why it feels creepy to me.


market folly said...

stew man, veeeeery creepy for sure. gap up huge and can't even hold it haha.

also, i got my own domain now so if you could update the links section i'd definitely appreciate it!

thanks my man!

Also, didn't know how you wanted to be titled in my blogroll: art of trading, impatient trader, stewie's blog haha so its just been listed as impatient trader. lemme know if you want that changed.

Anonymous said...

didn't pay attention to the hype. shorted ags caught a nice trade. thought the market would have had alot more balls today.uh oh. nazz down 11 at 1:45 looks real shitty

HPT said...

I'm waiting for WaMu to go under and the market to have a minor crash before even thinking of buying. There will be more bank failures. Everyday I see more and more leases, not just residential, there is an alarming amount of commercial businesses going under where I live.

Rick said...

The TICK could barely break 500 today, but hit 1900 to the down side. Also, Europe and Asia rallied much stronger than us. I definitely had that creepy feeling today. And what's up with oil moving directly with the market now instead of inversely?

My nightmare is that this is the best the market can do with government intervention. Imagine if the government stops pulling strings to make things seem rosy after the election.

Market Monk said...

As long as the market stats continue to look like this:

Exchange New Highs New Lows
NYSE 58 142
AMEX 15 92
NASDAQ 76 142
BB 140 289

On days like these and especially on big down days, one should be taken a glance at which stocks are hitting 52 week new highs. Might just find a Diamond in the rough.


How I Day Trade said...

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