Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Poor Action And Reversal Patterns

Expecting more selling to kick in tmrw.


Blue said...

Hope so. Also hope oil hits $99.99 and get it over with so we can get this friggin bounce in commodities going.

I got the wrong over all direction for half my trades today, bought 1,000 LEH @ 7.99 (for a gain), and still made money. Talk about luck and tight stops! I would love to ride some SKF long for more than a day and get my honeymoon money. $98 is looking like a gift on SKF from Monday (I slept in and missed it). I couldn't even hold on to 106.86 on SKF from yesterday. I've turned into a lousy 15min scalper Stewie!

Stewie said...

lol. i rarely ever sleep in but i slept in too that day but i woke up at 6:45 and managed to catch some nice shorts, but i would have really killed if i was ready to trade at 630. oh well. a brotha needs some shut-eye from time to time. ;-)

MatchPointTrader said...

Spot on prediction Stewie!
BD, I hope you sold leh and locked in the gain. Its tanked today!

Blue said...

I had LEH 7.99 hit 8.15 had my stop in at 8.10. I always put in tight stops to at least cover my commissions in this market.

p.s. I'm not BlueDog..just Blue.

MatchPointTrader said...

Oops, sorry for that!
Regardless, I am happy for your profit in LEH :)

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