Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sharpen Your Shorting Skills



Blue said...

Stewie I noticed you look at the big picture first to find a short steup(usually 1yr charts) then what are you doing on the intraday?

I've only been using MACD and RSI and the MACD 0 line more than anything helps me in deciding if the stock is long or short or reversing. Finding a setup where you know there will be a breakout or breakdown is easy. Picking the direction EARLY is usually a challenge. Looks like Stochastics could help a lot intraday?

ATLTrader said...

Thanks for the link to the video. I actually learn alot from it. Since there is a ban on shorting on most stocks. I have applied the system to going long. It certainly help me make money today :-)

Stewie said...

atl: good for you buddy. you can totally use his technique for long plays. i also love simple trading strategies.

MatchPointTrader said...

Thanks Stewie for pointing out this article!

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