Friday, March 26, 2010

20 Day Moving Averages And Pullbacks In Strong Trends

Pay attention to the 20 day moving averages. They are EXCELLENT buying opportunities in strong trends when indexes or stocks pullback to take a breather. I am hoping that we start a small correction here over the next few days to help test these 20 day moving averages. I will be looking to buy as we test these 20 day averages. Also known as a HOLY GRAIL setup.


Anonymous said...


What about buying at the 30 EMA pullback? Would it be for a longer swing trade?

Stewie said...

Hi anon,

More than actual Moving Average, i like to look at where the actual price action appears to be bottoming. It could at the 20MA, 30MA, or 50MA or somewhere in between there. It's all about price action but watch price action closely as we test the 20 day MA.

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