Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Awesome Testimonial From An Art Of Trading Subscriber

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Hey Stewie,

Last week was a great week for me. As you know I did very well with my AAPL position, but I also did well with your calls.
I was in the following: CLF, AIG, GNTX, XTXI, SNDK and CLNE. Only using about 20k from my account and around 8k per trade I made over 300$ in 3 days last week and another 250 today (closing CLNE, and in PCX).

Needless to say I'm happy with the performance thus far. I've tried to stick to your trades only to get a feel for them, and so far they were all winners.I did take off a few positions or portions of them before you called out too in an attempt to be more conservative. Sometimes this worked in my favor, other times it didn't, but nothing major.

I do realize that last week was a strong week in the markets and I don't expect you to call 15/18 profitable trades every week, but last week was quite impressive. You made some timely calls and helped a lot of people make money.

I'm normally not a big fan of holding stocks that I'm not familiar with overnight, but it's been paying off so far. I do often reduce my position before the close going into it with a less aggressive position which I'm more comfortable overnighting.

I sold PCX early today for a small gain and I'm still holding CTRP, 200 @ 39.30.



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