Monday, March 22, 2010

Long Time Art Of Trading Member Cleared $878 Today!!!!


I had an awesome trading day today thanks to your service! I took X, NETL and PEI. I exited the first two a few minutes before your sell alert and I sold PEI right before the close. All told, I came out with $878 today and I am very pleased with these results. I might regret not holding PEI as a swing trade, but I am taking your advice and taking quick gains. Thanks for another great day of trading.


Ben just paid for 17 months worth of ART OF TRADING service in one day's gain!!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Congrats Ben. I cleared $500 and some change myself today and a nice chunk of it was the X call from Stewie. If you're reading this and need help with your trading this is the place for you!

Stewie said...

Thanks Anon!!!! glad you caught some of today's moves!

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