Monday, March 22, 2010

Trade Alert Taken Today At The ART OF TRADING: Holy Grail Pattern

Hi folks,

Today we did a trade in the ART OF TRADING called a HOLY GRAIL setup:

Made a quick 2.9% gain in just over one hour!

If you are not familiar with Holy Grail Setups, please take the time to learn this very reliable pattern.

good trading!


confused said...

If half the traders use the EMA and the other half SMA. How do we know which to use? Seems like it wont be consistent at all. I hate that there are multiple kinds.

Stewie said...

i personally like to use the EMA but to be honest the SMA and EMA both give a similar close enough signal. More than the actual Moving Average, you need to be watching how price acts as it approaches the MAs. Look at where i entered the NETL trade today. NETL was tryign to carve out a low on the MA.

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