Friday, May 7, 2010

Art Of Trading Making A Difference!

Emails/feedback like these is why i set out to start the ART OF TRADING one year ago!

The DOW dropped 1000 points today.

As always Stewie was the voice of reason. The chat room was calm with a few OMGs!

Stewie has had us raise cash for a couple of weeks now. Since I trust him and I know he knows all markets I took his advice. I'm in mostly cash with a little DGP. Thank you Stewie you are so appreciated.

A few times I've thought of "looking around" for a service that has a style on the long side.

Couldn't do it, Stewie is great and so is his stock selections. (he doesn't even realize how good he is) He's as careful with my money as his own.

Do you have someone that is in an amazing chat room all day with you? Or constantly emailing you updates? I do.

I would like to share a line from an email from Stewie. "If you didn't have a good day and want someone to talk to please feel free to email me and discuss." Priceless.

I have found a home at The Art of Trading. I'm not going anywhere. To borrow a phrase from someone in the chat room today "I'm a lifer". I'm at peace.


Hi Stewie

Thanks a MIllion.
I have been member for 2 months.I really appreciate your honesty and the way you teach us.I have learned so many things in short time from you , can't thank u enough. i have been following your advice and trade. and I like when you say 'CASH IS KING'. its 100 % true this kind of market.

what a day today ,I have been shorting today lot of stocks i don't even know how many ticker i shorted today bcz it was that day to short, like MTG, RDN,AGM,SFI,RAS,FIG, and your alert too. i took profit little early before mkt tank. you always say take profit when you have it , thats true. and also made a killing money on your alert.

once again thanks a lot. and keep teaching.


This is what it's all about for me! This is my driving force.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but in end trading is a never ending educational journey in which we not only seek to become profitable over the long run but at the same time learn mostly about ourselves and how we deal with challenges and ways to overcome adversities.

Never forget there are much more important things in life than just money.

God bless all.

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