Sunday, May 23, 2010

Awesome Review From One Of Art Of Trading's First Members!!

A long overdue praise to one of the good guys

...Short and sweet; Stewie is a great trader, teacher and stock picker. One of the best. And a good guy to boot. Any serious trader, be it options or equities will gain from his expertise of the market, education navigating through it, and trading alerts to profit from it. This site is a true gem. Period
I have been trading, professionally for over ten years. I’ve had huge years, devastating draw-downs and that madness in between. All of which have led me to where I am now: A trader with many tools in my arsenal. Few sharper than The Art of Trading.
I have been with Stewie since this site's inception, and I would not trade without it. Is it the holy-grail of my trading? No, but there really isn't one, and that's kind of the point of this. It's about putting yourself in a position to succeed and this site does just that. No one is going to push that buy button for you, but what you hope is that other, thoughtful traders agree with your analysis, and that you in turn agree with theirs.
I know a good trader when I see one, and this guys the real deal. He has been available 24/7 for any questions I've ever had, has been totally open minded as to current macro/micro market direction and has offered complete transparency with his calls and current idea watch list. Stewie has a passion for what he does. It shows, and I am truly thankful for all the money he's made me.... Short and sweet
We all know trading is one of the most difficult endeavors one can try. There is no easy money in this game. No free lunch, no magic bullet. The "unfair advantage" everyone is looking for comes from simply working harder than the guy in the office next door. Following strict money management principles, letting your winners run, and having the balls to believe in your ideas. I can honestly say that The Art of Trading helps fosters all of these principles both from it's founder and from the community that is it. Do yourself a favor and give it a month.

Hope this shed some light on the service, please feel free to look me up in the chat room if you have any other questions. -Swoon

One caveat: Please no douche bags.

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