Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awesome Day At The ART OF TRADING!

Hi Stewie,
This was the first day I received your alerts and made some very nice money! I purchased CLF at 47.24 and sold at 50.37 for about 6.6 % profit. I also bought TNA at 42.30 and up so far to 43.97. It's really great to be on the winning side for a change!
Thanks for a very nice day!


Awesome trades today! Booked about $750 today. Thank you!


Up $796.52 for the day. Kudos traderstewie for TNA, FAS, CLF


Three winners on a critical day!!! Keep it up man!!!


Thanks Stewie. 2 of last days made money. You're calls are solid but to me, you're coaching is the highlight of the service. You are not only giving us the fish, you are teaching us to catch them. That is why I have stuck beyond the trial period.


We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I had to step away from screens, with stops set. Came back to see HUGE gains!


Bought fas at 21.26 on your alert sold in the after market for 23.44
kaching! 250 shares. As you know this is my first week, so far I like
your service.


Emails and feedback like these from my customers is why i do this job day in and day out!!!

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eeii said...

excellent post. thanks for all the work you do!

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