Monday, May 17, 2010

Trades Taken Today At The Art Af Trading

All these alerts were either emailed, text messaged to cell phones or called out live in the chat room and some traders set up auto trading software to take all the alerts automatically.

SHORT TCK at 33.20 stop at 34.25 Day Trade

Cover TCK at 31.92

3.85% gain

SHORT CREE at 73.50 stop at 75.65 Day Trade

COVER CREE at 73.50


LONG TNA at 53.90 stop at 52.00 Day Trade

SELL TNA at 55.00

2.0% gain

LONG WYNN at 80.55 stop at 78.50 Swing Trade

SOLD WYNN at 84.15

4.4% gain

"Good day. Luckily I was home today so I caught all your alerts except CREE. Up about $700 on your alerts.


"Great calls. Closed all positions. I am out for the day. Made $1280. Not bad. :) Thanks!


"Nice one!! I made $240 on that trade which is BIG for me. (I was able to get out at 84.75)


"$1782 on $50000 worth. I got in a little late at 81.186. But it was a whopping profit!! Tom"

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