Thursday, April 3, 2008

ANR Trade Setup: HG Setup


Sia said...

Wow, you bought it at the exact same price as I did. Except I bought it earlier because of my impatience. I put an alert at 42.9 which is almost exactly where it hit the 20 MA the first time, but I wasn't fast enough to buy some before it rebounded, that would've been a nicer entry.

Stewie said...

great trade SIA! those ascending lows/ sector strength/ and HG were all too good to pass up. made $1800 on that puppy.

Cliffynator said...

Smooth move, Stewie! How'd your RIMM position turn out?
I was wondering, what did you use to spot this play? I heard you say you do a LOT of visual scanning. Do you use scanning software, too?

Stewie said...

I did not take the RIMM trade. i just called it out on WallStreak. just wanted to show how it was getting toppy short short term and how i use RSI/MACD divergances to spot a tiring trend. no software. just visiually scan stocks all day. best way to do. old school bro.

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