Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Only One Setup To Watch Tomorrow


Blue said...

GSI looking real good also. $3 in 3 days. Volume has come back into that stock big time.

LFC is charting nicely, but it trades thin during the day and gaps big.

upsidetrader said...

hey stew

i almost pulled the trigger on jrjc a couple times today but it got away from me - that one can go when it wants to, maybe tomorrow good luck bro

Bluedog said...

Good setup. I'm worried about that similar spike on 4/7, which melted down. All Chinese stocks did well today based on the trading fee reduction in China. It may carry though until tomrrow... JRJC funamentals look pretty good. I'm going to research this tonight for a potential longer term hold, if not a daytrade. Thanks for the name.


Bluedog said...

I thought you'd be interested in this article on JRJC: It still might make for a good daytrade. GL!


Stewie said...

hi BD> chinese stocks are very flaky i noticed. they are very moody and do have a tendency to poop out after a breakout. i hope this time is different. Would be nice to see a melt up like we had last sept. yowza! i believe today's move is a good start in the right direction.

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