Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PreMarket Thoughts

With AMZN and AAPL looking weak and the futures to be pointing to a weak open, I am thinking I wanna be long at the weak open, not short. Looking thru tonight's charts, i think a weak open in the following stocks is buyable: AG, AGU, CF, POT, HES. JOYG, V, VMW & WFT. My gut tells me rally tmrw, hopefully a very weak open to kick start the day.

Good trading.


Sloof said...

Stewie-- your gut has been right before, so I'm going with it.

madhatter said...

POT reports before the bell I believe. just heads up with that and ag in general.

Stewie said...

thnx for the heads up Madhatter: if Ags gap lower by 2-4 bucks then i might nibble long, if they gap em lower by a huge amount right at the open then i will avoid and focus on the other stocks i mentioned. if they gap higher, then i am gonna have to avoid em.

Stewie said...

hey marvin: i hope my gut is right on this one again. it sure feels right to be long here on that weak open.

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