Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bo Yoder NewsLetter: Giving Him Respect Where Respect Is Due

Why do i love Bo Yoder?

I think Bo Yoder is one of the best traders i have ever known. I have been following him since the 2002 bear market on He posts his newsletters there every couple of days.
I recall him using the same exact technique of spotting higher lows/higher highs and lower highs/lower lows. SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE!!! He has been SPOT ON calling this bear market as well as the rebuilding into a 'bullish' market as we have seen lately. Anyone who actually took the time to read his newsletter when i post them on my blog will give this guy the respect that i have for him. He is truly gifted with the 'gift' of being a successful trader and that 'gift' is to read the charts in a neutral and unemotional manner.
I will never forget March 2003 when he called a higher low on the indexes and called it the start of a new 'bullish' market. I was very very skeptical as sentiment was so negative and i was kind of a newbee back then (Nasdaq dropped over 80% from the March 2000 highs to the October 2002 lows). Can you just imagine how bad sentiment was????!!!!! It was truly a very dark and gloomy time in the markets. So, to hear Bo Yoder call out in Eureka that we are entering a new 'bullish' market was a very bold call. Ever since that magical day, the markets have started a multi year bullish run and as the market topped out in October 2007, GUESS WHO CALLED IT??!! Yes, BO did! and he even predicted a crash in January 2008 and we pretty much got it on Jan. 22nd 2008, the DOW futures were down 400 pts in the premarket before the FED came to the rescue.
Do yourself a favor and read this guy's newsletter when i post them: He is THE BEST AROUND!

I just bought his book yesterday: Optimize Your Trading Edge on a recommendation from my buddy/trader Johnson

His Latest NewsLetter:


BullPreacher said...


Thanks for your posts on Bo Yoder. He does truly have remarkable insight.

AGAIN, thanks for all you do to try to help others.

Stewie said...

any time bullpreacher.

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