Monday, April 28, 2008

Avoid The OverTrading Trap Ahead Of FED Day.

Markets will always be very choppy ahead of all FED meetings. Gotta curb the urge to overtrade. I had a great trade in AGU in the morning and gave it all back and closed down on the day due to over trading. No more of that tmrw.


Fadi said...


It will be great if you can post the bad trades too. I usually learn more from my bad trades.


Stewie said...

hi fadi:

yesterday, i overtraded. too many to put here. here's a post from last week.

Jtrend said...

Really appreciate some new trading ideas, so many times we get stuck in a rut when things are not working and fight to make them work with losing results. Used your 1 Min chart strategy with volume capitulation/RSI on ENR for a very nice trade


Stewie said...

Nice trade jtrends. Gotta keep in mind that this stategy might not work in a different mrkt. Always start with small positions and add once you are proven right.

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