Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are You Seeing The Ball Right?

As a trader, you need to be watching YOURSELF and you need to be honest with YOURSELF. Have i been trading well overall this year? Yes. Have i been trading well or seeing the markets ebb and flows correctly for the past week? NO.
I do not care what kind of trader you are. I do not care what style or how many years you have been trading, you will eventually not see the plays right. It's a fact and it's a reality. What separates The "Pro" trader from the rest, is he/her ability to recognize when this is happening and take the NECESSARY actions to preserve his capital to hide in the shadows until his/her moment comes back again. IT WILL ALWAYS COME BACK! The only question is will your ego allow you to admit it?


Me vs. Wall St said...

Great post, Stewie.

Show me someone who wins all the time and I'll show you a liar.

Thanks for sharing.

Stewie said...

"Show me someone who wins all the time and I'll show you a liar."

i love that!

Anonymous said...

Stewie, when stocks gap up like JAZZ did, do you ever look at entering the trade again when it gets close to filling the gap? (its close now)
Thanks, MrG

Stewie said...

mr g. i'd wait for this to set up better. you wanna see a decent reversal stick before contemplating an entry. go back and look at my original setup and see why i bot it.

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