Monday, June 29, 2009


I am joining 2009's latest trend and i will be twitting!! wooohooo!!

My handle is : traderstewie


Momo Stock Trader said...


Twitter and Stocktwits are awesome, glad you are joining the stock twitting community. Make sure to "follow" the recommended stock twitters as well as find some good ones on your own. I use TweetDeck (an Adobe Air app) to follow tweets both during the stock market as well as after.

Stewie said...

hi momo. i am still unclear why when i post on stocktwits, my twits don't show up on stocktwits but on twitter? why is that? thnx momo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stewie, for posts to show up on stocktwits you need to use $ or $$. For example, if you tweeted about FUQI it won't show up, but if you type $FUQI it should show up.


Stewie said...

ah. it's picky like that? ok. thanks mr ppr!

Talc said...

Hey Stewie - great that you're joining StockTwits! I'm following you (handle = talcumboy).

To expand on Momo's post above:

If you are referencing an individual stock use $MSFT convention.

If you are make a general market related comment put $$ somewhere in the post like: "Bulls are getting mauled $$"

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