Thursday, June 25, 2009


Bot it yesterday at 3.3 > SOLD IT TODAY AT 4.86.

You know what they say guys, it's better to be lucky than good. I went off the chart pattern with JAZZ which was setting up in a beautiful tight coiling pattern and it looked like it was ready to explode.

Here is what the alert i send my members said:

"LONG JAZZ at 3.3 Stop at 2.9 Swing Trade

Very speculative trade. Trade it with caution but JAZZ is setting up in a tightening coil and looks ready to move. Hopefully higher! Might give a couple of days to play out."

Much to my surprise, many members did catch this trade. Even a small position like 1000 shares would have given you a $1500 gain!


Greg said...

Excellent advice on JAZZ.

Blue said...

I was disappointed when I saw your FUQI trade go for 4 pts and then saw that you only took .25+ and was out.

JAZZ, about waking up to a surprise. Way to see the trade and get some luck Stewie. Amazing dude.

I've been getting away with 5k TNA swing longs 3 times now for +8,000, but only in the sim account. Every time I longed it at the close I lost over $1k and woke up the next day with +$2k. Wed. it opened up -$2k and broke even in 2min. Too crazy to do with my real money. No cushion yet!

trader said...

thank you greg. talk about lucky timing but i had to let people know that this was a risky trade. biotech penny stock. You better play it with small size!!

Stewie said...

"trader" is me, stewie

Stewie said...

hi blue, man it's been such a long time dude. are you still doing the full time trading gig? last i heard you were applying to a job with the state?

Anonymous said...

Lucky again....(JAZZ) caught a down grade this am...keep the rabbits foot Stewie!..Good job and ....good luck. Nice exit.

Stewie said...

never wanna overstay your welcome in a spec play. funny thing is, it got down graded yet it's only down 3%.

Blue said...

No it was a city job and they hired within.

Still trading full time. I've made about $5k since April but lost $2k in commissions, I've since changed my fee structure. Have only taken 1 trade in a week (3 days off out of town). Just being patient (2 down weeks in a row after 7 up), taking my shots, no holds. Hoping the 80/20 rule kicks in for me before the year is out. Down $9k, nothing I haven't managed before.

Stewie said...

blue, you get it. your trading knowledge has sky rocketed since the first time you posted on my blog. you have def. come a long way bro.

Blue said...

Thanks Stewie, you've definitely helped shape my trading philosophy.

I have survived over a year of full time trading. Some say that in itself is an accomplishment. Year over year I'm still ahead, but not enough to live off of. Luckily I still have the unemployment to float me while the training wheels have been on. If I didn't have that I'd be way stressed and burnt out by now. So far that isn't the case and I plan to remain sensible during a slow market.

Hopefully I will be able to go big and win when it is the right moment. I feel like I've been gearing up for that moment for a while now.

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