Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That's What I Call A Winning Trade!!

Check out this great trade by one of the Art Of Trading members!!!

"thanks buddy. think I will do just that. Stops tightened. Out fcx now +2.00=20k! Enough for like 33 years of your service ;-)"


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Sia said...

+2 = 20k? That means 10k shares of a $50 stock, thats $500k...

Stewie said...

hahahaha! sia, you did the math right my friend! he is a big hitter and that was only one of his several trades that day. You actually know who he is but for prviacy matters i will keep his name anonymous.

also, i wanna add that i have several guys who trade account sizes of that stature. i also got many newbies who are just starting out and working with much smaller accouns. we all started with small accounts and work our way up the trading ladder!! that's the beauty of trading, BUT it needs to be done right!!

szaman said...

Sia- Whats up? Stewie- Is the name strats with a P ?

Stewie said...

nice guess but nope.

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