Monday, June 15, 2009

Short Setups

Scanning thru many stocks tonight, I am seeing tons of short setups which makes me think that this selloff is just starting. Commodities stocks look most vulnerable to further selling. Here are some stock shorts to watch tomorrow and the rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

Stewie -

Check out this link. It may make your daily updates a bit quicker.

I hope to be back in your service by July 1st. Hope all is well.

Scott K.

Anonymous said...

Do you see a good potential (swing) in the SMN? It is coming out of a falling wedge with a nice positive divergence on RSI (since mid March it's been flat while price going down) and it has also crossed the 9 and 20ema on daily.

Stewie said...

thanks for the link scott. i read jason's morning updates every day. he does a great job. he actually used to frequent this blog a lot in 2008.
scott, come back anytime dude. there'll be lots of changes coming soon, that's all i will say right now!!

Stewie said...

hi anon,
as a matter of fact MEE, POT and SMN were all on my short wathclist i issues last night. I really like that SMN setups BUT if you not already in it the i hesitate to recommend to you right here. I'd ideally like to buy in on pullbacks to 17-17.5. volume coming into it at lows is very hard to ignore and could be hinting at something bigger to come.

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