Friday, June 26, 2009

Art Of Trading Service Performance For Week 11

From now on i will display the weekly performance directly off my Website:

Should be easier to see and puts all in perspective!!


S Zaman said...

Stewie- Most of the picks from my new blog did really well !

Peter said...

NYC trader, there's a typo in your header. Says "you might loose" should be, "you might lose"

kchu said...

Stewie, what is your target for ERX? or you are out of it already?

MACD on XLE chart is showing bearish sign, wide divergence heading down, like you said in the last post.

There is also a Bear flag forming in the past few days, XLE might bounce down on the 200MA, and ERX will go down

Stewie said...

kcku, we bailed out of ERX already. My target was between 29-30 and it hit that target on thursday i believe. and are 100% right, i do a nasty looking bear flag forming on XLE and ERX. those are high probability shorts now.

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