Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cool NEW Feature To The Art Of Trading!!!!!

Starting monday i am going to implement a cool new feature to the ART OF TRADING service as i am always seeking to improve it and hopefully get you guys better trading results. I will be sending you guys charts with specific BUY/SHORT points: For example: I will email you chart patterns of a 1-3 stocks that i am very interested in and deem them high probability trades and i will give you a specific BUY or SHORT number with a specific stop loss: You can choose to either manually watch and enter these stocks and time your entry OR you could use BUY STOP orders to get you into the trade alerts once a specific price is touched the trade will trigger!!

See the CGA chart example of a trade we did this week. I will continue to issue trade management emails(raising stops or cutting non performing trades quickly etc). I will also email you a confirmation email that a trade did trigger.
see the CYTK chart for what a new setup or potential trade alert would look like and also how previous alerts in CYTK could have looked like.

Join us for the 14 day free trial!!


Anonymous said...

Can you put up a chart with the cup and handle drawn in on GMCR? That's a pattern I just have trouble seeing. Thanks, Mr.G

Stewie said...

MrG, were you able to see the C&H pattern on twitter?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Thank you. I still need a lot of practice spotting chart trends. I learn a lot from you and appreciate your blog. I've been following you since days of WallStreak and I want to commend you on the success of your trading/teaching service. If I can ever get away from the 9 to 5 so I can trade during market hours, I'll be on board. In the meantime, thanks for the continued support even for those of us who can't do this full time.

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