Monday, September 7, 2009

The Market Is Getting Ready To Rally

The past few days the market has done an excellent job of shaking a few trees and has brought back a lot bears back into the market thinking that september will be an ugly month BUT the market has other plans. Check out these transportation stocks and you tell me if you see anything bearish here.


Anonymous said...

Im playing CYOU today on the long side, looks like its breaking out.

Anonymous said...

Stewie, check this one. Low volume, but ready to break out.

BTW, I agree, they needed to shake a bit the market to suck in more Bears. Then they resume Rally. 1.100 is still posible before any major break down.

Stewie said...

ya, i really like CYOU. Also, FUQI and PWRD look good too.

Stewie said...

the market could consolidate for a few more days moving back and forth but it really feels like the eventual move is still a little higher.

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