Friday, September 11, 2009

New Member Makes A $890 Profit In His First Week!!!!

"have had a great week. the 3 trades i have done have made me $890. would have made about $75 more but put in a stop on glbl that did not work. have figured out the way to do my stops after that. plan on trading @ $10,000 on all of your alerts and once i get ahead @ $5,000 i am going to step up to $15,000/$20,000 per alert. i think you have a good handle on the stocks and appreciate the help since I have other obligations and do not have the time right now to do much research. plan on sticking with you for a good while. thanks Rob"

This NEW member(still on free trial) made enough money in 5 days to pay for 18 months of membership!!!!



Brian said...

I feel compelled to comment on Trader Stewie. I am not currently subscribing to his service since I had taken the summer off from trading but I was a subscriber earlier this year. During this hiatus I have been monitoring his website and performance. This guy is a straight shooter and his performance since inception is excellent. He has had a few bad spells (very few) but he scaled back his trading until he could get his mojo back. All traders have slumps but Stewie was very honest and up front in admitting this and he dealt with it in an intelligent manner. It wasn't long before he was back on his game. Please note that his winning weeks have far outnumbered his down weeks and overall his performance is great. Stewie couldn't be more honest and upfront with presenting his performance each week and from inception. He hides nothing. When a trade goes bad he cuts and runs quickly. I am very impressed with how he handled any temporary setbacks. If you want a service which will give you a great chance to make money while minimizing risk than Stewie is your man. Anyone who is on the fence about this service should definitely give it a try.

Stewie said...

wow. Brian, thanks for this feedback man. I was not expecting this and i honestly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. thank you brian.

god bless.

Brian said...

No problem. I am just being perfectly honest. I have found a handful of traders which I read on a daily basis and you are certainly amongst them. Looking back over 2009, some of my best trades came from your alerts.

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