Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Great Testimonial From An Art Of Trading Service Member!!

Here's what Kyle had to say about the ART OF TRADING service after being a member for a little less than 2 months!!

"All, I use @traderstewie service. He's a GREAT trader.I highly rec him, no brainer. You'll make his yearly fees in wk 1."

See his twitter updates here:

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Anonymous said...

Stewie, there are so many gold ETF's and stocks out there. What are one or two of your favorites if you were going to play a run in Gold? What do you feel has the most potential? Thanks.

Stewie said...

hi, i rarely play etfs when it comes to gold. I like to trade the stocks: my favorites are GOLD and IAG. They are both clean movers and offer nice trends when gold makes a big move(up or down)

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