Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Running Out Of Steam

Eventually this pattern is gonna punch the bulls' throats and when it does it will shake things up in a major way! And to boot, it looks like the Transports are creating a potential double top pattern. Notice the noticeable divergence on the last move up and increasingly more evident hard selling near highs. Market looks to be headed for some turbulence here.


Joe Shareholder said...

If you want to make money, buy at 9750, sell at 10,250. This will be a small dip, but we go higher through the fall. Come January, sell and stay out.

Stewie said...

you sure might be right joe but man, it sure 'feels' like something bigger is around the corner.

Shawn said...


How come you get all the best and prettiest stuff (your wife) in the world?! It's unfair!

Congrats man! Enjoy your honeymoon and don't think about us and the market for a while.

PS: I think it's too late to change your mind, but now since you are married, your wife would probably demand you by her bad every night to sleep. No more spare time for you to wonder around the computer and charts!

Best Wishes,

Stewie said...

thanks shawny!!!!

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