Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nasdaq Cup and Handle Pattern UPDATE


Tradermarket247 said...

Nice Chart homie, I mean Stewie! Man, What Bull run this year! New Millionaires being made... but Unfortunately I am not one of them "YET". haha Technical Analysis ftw.

Carlos JĂșlio said...

Hello Stewie!!!
Have a great weekend!!!
My 2 cents.
Last update spx have four charts.
2 charts weekly - possible bearish divergence RSI
1 chart daily - Mybe one more high - possible pattern RSI - "M" - Who many tops they made that.
1 chart hourly cash - Bear need to break the channel
Sorry for the link but my last update have only charts.
I follow you every days great analysis, thanks.

Stewie said...

trader247: keep plugging away nice trades and the big money will find YOU!

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