Saturday, November 14, 2009

Art Of Trading Performance: Week 30

Here's this week's performance. It was a very tough week for my style of trading which requires volume to be present in the market!

There were positives and i will focus on the silver lining from looking at this week's trades. First of all STEC and VPHM were both swing trade shorts from last week. So these were not NEW trades per se. The new trades we did this week were a total of 8 trades(Which way less than our weekly average). All day trades which was my goal this week. My NUMBER ONE GOAL this week was to focus on day trades and focus on TRADING TO NOT LOSE: NO BIG RISKS. Sometimes guys, it is VITAL to TRADE TO NOT LOSE rather be a gun slinger and fire shots like a mad man that everything that moves. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WIN BIG ON ALL YOUR TRADES, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Playing defense is what i did this week. I decreased activity drastically and i like it that way until i get into a winning rhythm again and i also kept closer stop losses than normal if you noticed and i was very proactive NOT ALLOWING LOSING TRADES TO HIT STOP LOSSES.

Need to play defense until the right trading environment start to manifest themselves again.
My goal for next week is as follows:

1. First, if you decide to follow my alerts: i want you TO CUT ALL POSITION SIZES IN HALF until we start to see a steady stream of winners. CUT SIZE IN HALF STARTING MONDAY.

2. I will continue to focus on the open and the close to place my trades.

3. DISCIPLINE is placing the ONLY GOOD trades. DISCIPLINE is waiting for the correct timing. DISCIPLINE in trade management.


LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss
Holding Period

SHORT STEC 13.18 13.28 -0.38
swing trade HALF SIZE
SHORT VPHM 7.5 7.73 -1.51
swing trade HALF SIZE
LONG ERX 46.65 46.99 0.73
day trade
LONG TRW 22.65 22.35 -1.32
day trade
LONG SWK 50.55 50.1 -0.89
day trade
LONG FCX 84.05 84.2 0.18
day trade
LONG NTRI 22.7 22.5 -0.88
day trade
LONG STEC 14.2 14.35 1.06
day trade
LONG TZA 12.7 12.71 0.08
day trade
LONG TZA 12.95 12.75 -1.54
day trade

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