Friday, November 20, 2009

Commercial Traders Most Bearish Since Late 2007

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These kinds of data do not give an exact entry date but it is definitely interesting to see what the people "in the know" are doing with their money. These guys and gals are definitely worth respecting as they not wrong very often.


Anonymous said...

One thing missing in that chart is prior to 2007, they not only had huge short position at market tops but flipped back to long significantly at the bottom. However, the significant point to note is that they have been wrong after the crash. Not only they failed to go long in early 2009, they have been putting on short on face of 60% rally. I am sorry to say, but I dont see this data compelling enough to go and short - not convinced? See how Atilla from Xtrends has been so wrong in prognosticating market crash from May looking at this data. In the end, this is like an oscillator - in some markets they work like a charm. In others they dont.

Good luck.

Stewie said...

interesting point anon. i personally would NEVER trade based on this kind of info but if this is accurate, it would be very interesting to see the final outcome!

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