Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pay Attention To The King Of Stocks

GS is my market barometer and i consider this stock the absolute LEADING stock. Looks very sick here. Not sure what that means yet but definitely will watch it.


seeer said...

GS is very close to give me a buy signal.
Right on support, very oversold, positive divergences (MACD, stohastics, money flow index) and 100MA is moving up.

Anonymous said...

hey Bro,

let me be the 1st to wish you and your lovely wife a Very Happy Thanksgiving this year, hope you have a great holiday. I don't think you got my congrats at time of the wedding somehow(?!)... but will be going over your recent posts soon. Appreciate all your insight and positive attitude Stewie...

(in London!)

Tyler said...


I am glad you posted this chart. I was looking at it the other day and thought it was quite telling of things to come. I was comparing it to the averages and while they are making higher highs and higher lows, GS is making lower highs and lower lows.

I guess we will see next week what happens. Have a good holiday!


Stewie said...

hi tyler,

Please check out my most recent post with on the NAHL chart which is showing that this rally is being lead by fewer and fewer names. not a bullish sign at all.

Stewie said...

Hi seymour,

Thank you ol friend. it's been a long while!! I hope you are well.

Stewie said...

hi Seeer,

I would be very cautious longing GS here. Seen many people get burned trying to long it recently. I honestly think it's time to be very cautious with longs here. the bulls' cage will be rattled. All the evidence is there. See my most recent post.

seeer said...

Stewie, I won't buy a falling knife, I will wait for the buy signal.

Some said that X had a HnS pattern, it will fall further. I said not, I thought it's an ABC correction, and look what happened. I think GS has an ABC correction pattern, too.

I like to buy when the fear kick in, because that means I'm the first. :)

For example, right now I have UNG @ 9 and RIMM @ 57 because of the divergences.

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