Monday, November 9, 2009

Check Out FUQI Short Setup Now: A step by step view

In trading, timing is everything! If you were bearish 3 days ago on FUQI, you were spot on BUT the timing of the move was critical. check it out now.

I am NOT short this stock but looks to be the time.


Anonymous said...

I had commented on your bearish call last week and I thought this was going to $30 and it went to $19. As you predicted it "crashed". Good job.

Can you elaborate more on why you thought it was going to go down. I can see the short term moving average declining but I am not sure about the rest.
Thank you

Joewatson Gakuo said...

Let me begin by saying that the information you provide is useful.

As a response to the above comment, I do not really think that anyone can know for sure exactly what the market would do, especially when you consider investor's decisions, which in most of the time are informed by emotional sentiments.

With electronic trading, and as an individual, you get almost instant confirmation on your trades. Right? This also helps to facilitate control if you are doing online investing.

What does this trading mean to you? If this syle of your trading works for you, why would it not work for others?

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