Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ART OF TRADING Member Booked $5,000 Last Week!!

Hey STW,

Just wanted to thank you again for continually helping me grow as a trader and always taking the time to respond to my questions.

I wanted to see how I would do trading on my own by scanning for set ups and entering positions for a 1 week period. I feel that I've found my style of trading to buy stocks breaking out to new highs or breaking trend lines and gaining momentum to make new highs and this has all developed through the priceless trading knowledge and experience that your service has provided me.

For the past week, I had positions in LULU, SINA, WYNN, BRKS, VECO, and GLUU and am looking at almost a 5k profit which gave me about +12.5% for that 1 week. I am gaining confidence as a trader and have definitely improved my sense of emotional detachment to any position, respecting stop losses, and letting winners ride as long as they act well.

I am very thankful that I found your service and for the high quality traders in your chat room such as NYCtrader that continually help me grow as a trader.



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